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Summer in the City & Beyond-Hampton's Style...

Summer in New York City!! Where does everyone go? It seems the city is ghost town on the weekends! I will say this: summer in NYC is such a different experience than in Miami. While I do miss those boat days in the Florida Keys, New York City offers such an awesome summer, it’s hard to compare the both, because they’re both so incredibly different.

From rooftop pools, to concerts in the parks and the nearby beaches, New York City has no shortage of fun in the summer.

I recently visited Coney Island, Long Beach & just recently, had my first “Hamptons” experience.

Each was different from the rest.

As you know from my previous post, Coney Island is a short train ride away. A boardwalk, carnival rides & some classics like Nathan’s & William’s Candy. To me, Coney Island was my least favorite in terms of beach, crowds (not the classiest bunch) and dining options. But Coney Island is definitely one of those things you do once, and probably will never do again.

On 4th of July weekend, I headed over to Long Beach. I really enjoyed my time here. The experience was so much fun, from the train ride, to the beach.

It was my first time visiting Penn Station, and let me tell you, it is complete madness on a Summer Saturday. Pretty much everyone in NYC is looking to cool off, and heading out of the city.

Long Beach is a private beach- you have to pay to have beach access, which actually makes it less crowded. It’s got tons of bars, restaurants nearby, and a super cool boardwalk, where you can bike your way along the beach. Alcohol is not allowed on the beach. , but people sneak it in anyway. Just be careful- the beach patrol WILL give you a ticket if they see you with any alcohol on the beach.

Tip- pack light and just stop at a conveince store when you hit the beach. That way you don't have to carry much on the train with you. We bought everything from towels, sunsreen, booze, ice, cups & food right befoe hitting the sand.

Now lets talk about how freakin COLD the beaches in NY are. For this Miami girl, the water was FREEEEZING! WOW! I have never experienced water this cold, except for the beaches in Malaga, Spain. The ONLY way to get in, is to dive in full speed. And it’s so damn hot, that I happily did so.

After the beach, we ended our 4th of July weekend by watching fireworks in Brooklyn. I was a bit disappointed because I thought we were going to have an amazing view of the city, near the Brooklyn Bridge. It was hard to watch them, because we got there super late and couldn't get a spot near the water. But it was a fun experience nonetheless. Because what do you do after fireworks? You eat & drink, obviously.

Next up, The Hamptons. Got invited to a friend’s birthday weekend in the Hamptons (Sag Harbor) and it was: So. Much. Fun. Once again, hopped on the train and in just a two hours, voila, Hamptons. The houses are absolutely beautiful. The neighborhoods are picturesque and the nightlife is equally as fun.

Grab your friends and just CHILL!

We hung out poolside, grilling and drinking. Watermelon & vodka go AMAZING together, just saying!

If you still have energy after a long day of cocktails in the sun, head over to South Hampton Social Club for some delicious food, amazing cocktails & FUN FUN FUN! After dinner party has a live DJ with a violinist & saxophonist.

Hung-over and hungry the next morning? Be sure to stop at Goldberg's Famous Bagels, on your way back to the city for the most amazing bagel sandwich I have ever eaten!! The line was ridiculous out the door, but the cheesy, egg bagel goodness that awaited my taste buds was worth the hung-over wait.

Stay tuned for a follow up on Summer in the City…

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