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Yelp's Holiday Hangover Party in NYC!

One of the resources that have really helped me navigate living in a new city is YELP! I am a little obsessed with using Yelp, for everything from restaurants, bars and recommendations on finding a local tailor or even dry cleaners. I’m so addicted to Yelping that I have become a Yelp Elite member. Yes, This is me geeking out.

Well one of the perks of being a Yelp Elite is that you get invited to cool events otherwise not known to the public. And just recently, I got to go to Yelp's fourth annual Holiday Hangover party!

Aboard the Hornblower Infinity, we set sail for an evening along the Hudson River. New York City of course, has the perfect skyline and the celebration was nothing short of spectacular.

I have to give Kudos to the Yelp crew who did an amazing job of bringing local businesses together. They did an incredible job of hand picking NYC’s top brands and putting them in front of NYC's top influencers.

There were a few favs of mine that participated, like: Oficina 1000Miglia (amazing Italian), Otto's Tacos, barkTHINS and Spa Envy among others. The great thing about an event like this is that it connects people in their communities and brings awareness to local businesses. Like for example, before the event, I had no idea that City Cakes existed. And now, there is no other cookie that can match up to their Red Velvet half pound cookie.


I also got to check out StelnikArt Soireé- unique way to spend an evening with friends or even a great date night, by sipping cocktails & working on your Picasso skills.

I still have a lot to perfect...

It was truly such a fun night! Elmo will agree, there is no place like NYC to share a night on the water, filled with music, drinks, food and of course with this amazing skyline.

The Yelp NYC team brought together 25 food sponsors, a top shelf open bar courtesy of Campari America and Bronx Brewery. The best part was that the event raised thousands of dollars for TriBeCa's Stupid Cancer.

Below are the local businesses that helped make the event an unforgettable one:

Between The Bread |Chickpea | City Cakes | COLORS | Coppelia | DOUGH | Ground Central | Lolo's Seafood Shack |Oficina Latina | Oficina 1000Miglia | Otto's Tacos | Patacon Pisao | Pokéworks | Royal Munkey |Sticky's Finger Joint | Tea and Milk | The Masalawala | Toloache | Vosges Haut Chocolat | Pretzel Crisps | barkTHINS | KIND Snacks | Krave Jerky | Monster Energy | Harmless Harvest | Anthony Fuscaldo Jazz | Candy Twisted Balloons | DJ Darnell Justin | DJ Kev G | Eric W. Brown Magic |House of Yes | Pendulum People | Spa Envy | StelnikArt Soireé | Waiting to Inhale oxygen bar.

Here are a few more pics from the night...

The night ended with a beautiful display of fireworks in honor or Chinese New Year and it could not have been more perfect.


I encourage you to make Yelp your best friend, it really helps you, and the businesses when you give honest feedback on their services. Plus, you’ll stay in the know when new places in your hood pop up!

And in a city like New York, there is ALWAYS something new to discover.