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Hamptons Part Deux

What does a girl do after an exhausting work week? Head to the Hamptons, of course! My second trip to the Hamptons was this past Sunday and WOW- what an experience!

This time I was lucky enough to have my friend drive us, which really beats taking the train!

I got to see a different side of the Hamptons. We started our day off with a visit to Wolffer Estate Vineyards!

I had no clue there were even Vineyards in the Hamptons! Who knew? What makes Wolffer so cool is that it actually used to be an old potato farm with an old farmhouse. It's 55-acres that is part of a 175-acre estate with boarding stables, 30 paddocks, an indoor jumping ring, and a Grand Prix field.

It was an absolutley perfect day, and we sat and enjoyed some of their house Rose, while enjoying the amazing views.

After a couple of glasses of Rose and some girl talk, we decided it was time for some grub! We headed to Pierre's French Restaurant in Bridgehampton. What a great spot for people watching! The Hamptons sure does have its share of interesting characters. We shared a Ratatouille Omelette & a delicious croque-monsieur. Everyone knows, this delcious grilled ham and cheese sandwich, originated in French cafés and bars as a quick snack. Typically, Emmental, Comté, or Gruyère cheese is used. No pictures- we devoured it!

We took a drive through the area, and I got to check out the town. It is very picturesque! Even City Hall looks like a doll house! Every store, restauarant and establishment looks like something out of Pleasantville. It's a very charming town.

After a drive through the neighborhood, we headed to Shelter Island! The experience was very cool for me, as the only way to get to Shelter Island is by ferry. So we actually drove the car onto the ferry and into the island.

We headed straight for Sunset Beach! WOW! I really had no idea New York had such natural beauty. Sure, I think this concrete jungle is breathtaking, but I never knew that some of the beaches really gave some serious competition to those sunsets in Key West.

The area of Sunset Beach is simply put- breathtaking.

Next, we headed to grab some drinks at Sunset Beach Hotel owned by André Balazs (you know the guy responsible for the famous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood? This place is def the "see & be seen" place for those stylish travelers looking for a little bit of Hamptons-style glitz. This boutique hotel sits in front Crescent Beach, the best sunset vantage point on the island.

The cocktails are pricey, but I guess they're about right for the Hamptons- about $20 a drink.

Here you have it: Vodka, Cold Pressed Watermelon, Ginger Beer & Lime. Delicious & refreshing!

What a mix of crowds! Lots of Europeans, families with babies (yes babies at a beach club- that will be me one day!), typical New Yorkers who wanted to escape the city, along with the mafia looking men from Queens that look like something out of The Sopranos. One guy came up to my friend and I and tried to cause a scene. "Stop talking to me ladies, I am married"- he yelled as his wife just watched. Just when I thought we were going to have some drama, she looked at us at laughed at said "Take him girls. He's all yours! Had him for 22 years, its enough for me!"- we laughed at eachother at thought that was pretty ironic! We were just talking about the concept of marriage and how most of them don't last these days!

Anyway, we stayed until the sun started to go down, and of course captures some beautiful pics of the beach before leaving.

Next stop- guess where?! Fooooood of course! Cocktails make a girl hungry!

We headed to The Beacon in Sag Harbor. The food, the drinks, the setting- everything was PERFECT. But what really made this place worthwhile was the view. I mean, who doesn't love to sip some Pinot Grigio, feast on fish & mushroom avocado risotto, while taking in this view?

We had an amazing dinner and ended our Hamptons day with this beyond beautiful view...

Til next time Hampton's, thanks for these beautiful Summer memories!

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